Who are we?

The Hard Knock Knocks is Australia's own stand-up comedy school, with stand-up comedy classes run across Australia, and our head quarters in South Melbourne.

Founded in 2016 by Morry Morgan and Ben Horowitz, the comedy school has featured on Channel 9's 'Travel Guides' as well as on Apple TV's  comedy drama, 'Is This Thing On?'.

Since it's founding the Hard Knock Knocks comedy school has helped well over 700 keynote speakers, bucket list tickers and budding comedians develop stand-up comedy skills. This is accomplished through monthly practical in-person workshops, combined with our own online course. We combines adult learning techniques, mentoring from veteran stand-up comedians, and loads of real onstage practice.

Each course involves a resident comedy coach, facilitator, returning alumnu and a celebrity guest comedian. These guest comedians share invaluable knowledge about both the artform and comedy schene, and have included Steve Hughes, Richard Stubbs, Matt Okine, Jeff Green, Chris Franklin, Lehmo, Bev Killick, Elliot Goblet (aka Jack Levi), Dave O'Neil, just to name a few.

Upon graduation, the Hard Knock Knocks comedy school helps graduates continue their journey by producing the ‘The Best Of’ festival shows, at Australian festivals. We also have our own comedian booking app, called Gigme, that helps graduates get paid gigs.

Want to know more about the Hard Knock Knocks? Call us on 1300 06 8882 or send us a message.


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