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Does humour make you smarter?

Did you know that funny people, especially those that like dark humour, have higher IQs?

Interviewed on Today Extra, Marty Wilson elaborated on the results, uncovered by Austrian researchers. “They found that people that use humour a lot, people who laugh well, tend to have higher IQs,” said Marty. “When you solve a joke, when you get a joke, that shows intelligence. For example Tim Vine, a very famous comedian in the UK, won the Edinburgh Festival ‘Best Joke of the Festival’ a few years ago with the joke, ‘I’ve just came back from a once in a lifetime holiday. I’ll tell you what, never again!”

Marty goes on to explain how Tim Vine’s  joke includes a language puzzle and also the emotional contradiction of key words.  He adds, “You have to understand the emotional intelligence of what is going on, and that’s why they think a dark sense of humour allows you to tear the upsetting things apart and cope with them better.”

Watch the entire interview here:

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