How do you book a stand-up comedian?

How do you book a stand-up comedian?

If you work for a pub, sports club, RSL or events company then you how difficult it can be to book a stand-up comedian. Searching for suitable comedian, and then coordinating schedules is difficult enough if you’re working with someone famous, like Jeff Green, Bev Killick or Lehmo. But what if your budget only allows for a mid-level comedian. That’s when you need Gigme.

Available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android phones, Gigme not only connects organisers and live performers, but does so within the one ecosystem that support communication, invoicing and payments. In short, you can book a stand-up comedian, pay and then rate them all from your phone. Minimum hassle and risk.

The other benefit of Gigme is that it’s not just for comedians. It can be used to book musicians, magicians, MCs and keynote speakers. Anytime you’re in need of a live performer, that is, someone that performs in person and in front of an audience, then Gigme can be used for the booking.

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