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Is it a dumb idea to teach stand-up comedy?

Comedian Jimmy Carr has made a bold statement regarding teaching stand-up comedy. In his first interview with Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Carr not only said that you can teach stand-up comedy, but that it should even be taught in schools.

“I don’t think it’s a dumb idea to teach stand-up comedy and to say, everyone should give this a go. My vision is that it gets taught in school,” said Carr. Carr went further to say that he’s even considering launching a stand-up comedy course, although he’s not sure whether it would be online or in person.

Embarking on the journey of stand-up comedy is often perceived as reserved for the naturally funny or quick-witted. However, Carr and his host Joe Rogan both agreed while some have ‘magical thinking’, “for the rest of us” it can be learnt. Rogan added that he was considering running a stand-up comedy course in his comedy venue, Comedy Mothership.

“We’ve actually talked many times about putting together a course. And we’ve thought about doing it, maybe, at the club. And, just having professional comics that are on their way up, that are just starting, and having like a workshop. Where we could talk to them about material, about the importance of editing, getting to the point quickly, you know,” said Rogan.

Don’t believe us? Watch for yourself:

Joe Rogan’s Comedy Mothership was opened in 2023, in Austin, Texas. Originally the historic Ritz Theatre, this iconic and somewhat infamous building dates back to 1924, and has even served as an adult theatre in its past.

Not just for comedians

There’s a bigger market than just wannabe comedians or for students learning to “find their voice”, states Carr. He believes stand-up comedy is for anyone wanting to be more creative in their lives.

“I’m onto something here, because I think a lot of people want to do some creative with their lives. I think a lot of people like stand-up comedy. It’s becoming a bigger thing. I think more people will want to try it, and just giving them the instruction manual early on.”

Of course teaching stand-up comedy isn’t new. After all, the Hard Knock Knocks comedy school has been running courses across Australia since its inception in Melbourne in 2016. And there’s a bunch of online courses to choose from aswell.

Most importantly, Jimmy Carr and Joe Rogan’s discussion aimed to hightlight that stand-up comedy, like other art forms, can be taught.

“So we teach music and we teach drama and art. And I think stand up comedy is an art form. And I think we need to get less magical thinking and more, okay, let’s put down a language like music, you can write it,” says Carr.

We agree wholeheartedly. After all, with our structured training many of our graduates have gone on to reach RAW Comedy state finals, and three alumni have even made it to the National Final. So yes, you can teach stand-up comedy. Now what are you waiting for?

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