Learn stand-up comedy in Melbourne WITH ELLIOT GOBLET

OCTOBER 22 – 26, 2023

Roxy's, 2 Alfred Place,
South Melbourne

11 spots left

(Until course begins)

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Learn stand-up comedy in Melbourne over 5-evenings from Sunday to Thursday, 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm, from October 22 to 26, 2023. You’ll get the Hard Knock Knocks comedy manual, our complementary online course, video of your graduating performance, professional headshots for future marketing, and loads of one-on-one coaching from our resident comedy coach, Brad Oakes, our returning alumnus, Sarah Bliss, and guest comedy coach, Elliot Goblet (aka Jack Levi).


Student and Concession – $500 + GST

Early Bird – $600 + GST (before October 8 only)

Bring-a-Mate-Rate – $900 + GST (2 people)

Full Fee – $800 + GST

Pre-Course:  Online course access

Access the entire Hard Knock Knocks stand-up comedy curriculum ahead of the face-to-face course via your phone or PC. Narrated by the legendary comedian Greg Fleet, this online course includes videos examples, audio advice, activities and feedback to ensure you don't feel like a noob on day one. Learn more by clicking here.

Day 1:  Sunday - The Basics, Finding Yourself, Joke Structure and Preparation

Get introduced to the basics of stand-up comedy and the jargon of the comedic industry before jumping into the deep end with your very own mini comedy set. Then, it's time to learn the 'Normal-Normal-Twist' technique, and developing your own original jokes, before trialling them on stage and giving them a polish.

Day 2:  Monday - Generating Content and Building Confidence

Learn to gauge your audience and how to recognise and manage taboo topics while learning confidence building/fear smashing techniques. You’ll also get input on your set from our guest comedian, Elliot Goblet (aka Jack Levi), meet the other Hard Knock Knocks alumni and develop more of your original material.

Day 3: Tuesday - Delivery and Controlling a Room

Learn to write a strong open to your comedy set. Tonight students will also have the opportunity to refine some of their own writing, and learn about the open mic circuit, the Australian comedy festivals, such as Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, as well as life after graduation, with a visit from our returning alumnus, Nick Trapani.

Day 4: Wednesday - The Close, Graduation Preparation and Photo Headshots

School of Hard Knock Knocks graduates headshots

Students receive portrait head and body shots.

Closing your set strong is this night's goal, as well as putting the extra polish on tomorrow night's graduation performance. You'll also model for professional headshots, that are vital for comedy event posters or even acting jobs!

Day 5: Thursday - Graduation Night and Performance

The moment you have been working toward! Perform your stand-up comedy routine in front of family and friends, conquer your fears and perform alongside three professional stand-up comedians. Watch previous graduation videos by clicking here.

Learn stand-up comedy in Melbourne this October with Elliot Goblet

Miriam Sandkuhler
Miriam Sandkuhler
February 8, 2024.
What a fantastic experience! A professional and polished organisation - we received lots of great feedback and advice throughout the course and with each practice. Recommended for anyone who wants to try something different and learn the technical side of comedy.
James Wallace
James Wallace
February 2, 2024.
Great course, very valuable lessons for beginners and also experienced comedians. Morry and Brad are excellent teachers and I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about getting into comedy
January 30, 2024.
I had such an amazing time with the coaches and my new comedy friends here! Within a week, I found my voice that I didn’t know I was missing!! Joining their course was the best thing I’ve done in ages. It’s totally worth checking out.:))
Mary Prior
Mary Prior
January 28, 2024.
Terrifying performing but Lots of Fun.
Ramanan Balamukundan
Ramanan Balamukundan
January 26, 2024.
If you wanna learn joke writing, hard knocks comedy school is the best place to go
Roger Turney
Roger Turney
January 2, 2024.
Very supportive, challenging and constructive advice on ‘how to’ deliver standup comedy. Thoroughly enjoyable experience and at times I was a little out of my comfort zone. Great experience for a 70 year old.
May Warburton
May Warburton
November 24, 2023.
Hard knock knocks Comedy course is such a great experience and has boosted my confidence 10000x and I had the best time preforming and meeting an amazing group of people. If you are thinking of signing up, do it now!
joe lester
joe lester
November 24, 2023.
would 100% recommend! Even if you don't want to pursue comedy as a career, if you love a challenge & trying something new then defs give it a go 🙂
Australia India Chamber of Commerce
Australia India Chamber of Commerce
November 2, 2023.
What sets the Hard Knock Knocks comedy school in Melbourne apart is the fact that professional comedians, some of whom are featured on Australian television, serve as coaches. Their guidance provides invaluable real-world insights into the comedy industry, making the learning experience even more enriching. This dynamic blend of experienced mentors and diverse talent nurtures a thriving comedy scene. As a result, the school continues to be a launching pad for Indian-Australian comedians and others, helping them perfect their craft and connect with a broader audience, making it a hub of creativity and humor in the comedy landscape.
Emmy Bee
Emmy Bee
October 5, 2023.
Had the amazing privilege of learning stand up at Hard Knock Knocks. Couldn’t recommend a better place. Would do it again in a heart beat.

Hard Knock Knocks Features on Travel Guides


Watch the cast of Channel 9's Travel Guides get coached at the Hard Knock Knocks comedy school in Melbourne. 

Meet Your Comedy Coaches

Brad Oakes - Resident Comedy Coach

Brad Oakes ComedianComedian Brad Oakes is considered by many to be comedy royalty, and has over 30 years of stand-up comedy experience. Brad has performed on Australian classic comedy shows, which include The Comedy Company, Jimeoin, Full Frontal, and Hey Hey It’s Saturday. Brad also featured in the Hard Knock Knocks' comedy-drama, 'Is This Thing On?' Brad will also MC at the graduation, ensuring the audience is hot before the graduates perform. Learn more about Brad  by clicking here.

Elliot Goblet - Celebrity Guest Comedian

Elliot Goblet - Jack LeviAustralian comedian Elliot Goblet, aka Jack Levi, is one of Australia’s most recognisable stand-up comedians. Not many comedians can claim the sheer speed of success that Australian comedian Jack Levi, aka Elliot Goblet, has enjoyed. Spotted by talent scouts only 10 months into his career, Jack’s round glasses wearing character quickly became a regular face on Australian TV, namely Hey Hey It’s Saturday, The Big Gig, and the Midday Show.

Jack Levi's catatonic, monotonal one-liners also quickly became recited across Australian workplaces and schools, making his look and sound embedded in Australian comedy history. Listen to his story by clicking here.

Sarah Bliss – Returning Alumna

Comedian Sarah Bliss

At each course we invite a previous graduate (alumni) to perform at the Hard Knock Knocks graduation. In October it's Sarah Bliss, who'll also be providing insights into the open mic comedy circuit, how to network within the comedy industry, and comedy advice post-graduation. So not only will you learn stand-up comedy in Melbourne, you'll start to build a network of comedians who are already performing in the comedy circuit.


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