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MICF Review – Game Boys – Cinematic Universe

Highly entertaining from start to finish, Game Boys – Cinematic Universe takes you from all the way back in time in a galaxy far, far away, to theme parks featuring cloned dinosaurs and prehistoric plants.

A hilarious take on movies that have common themes through a “who wants to be a millionaire” type game show, brings out brothers Eden’s and Josh’s passion for movies and attention to detail. The “Wanky “awards then follow thorough dissections of sexual innuendos in Walt Disney cartoons. Be prepared to indulge in some celebrity gossip followed by optical illusions of hot dogs going in and out of a guy’s pants. If you are a movie buff, this show will take you on a nostalgic trip. If you are not, it’ll turn out to not only be an exceptionally funny show, but also an educational one.

With very clever and appropriate use of props and audience interactions, the brothers had the room enthralled with plenty of laughs throughout the show. A show that I’d highly recommend if you are after comedy that is not your traditional stand-up style. With the perfect setting of the ACMI Games Room, this performance is great way to cap off a busy workday or if you just happen to be in the city.

Review by Bharath Rao

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