Online stand-up comedy course

Online Stand-up Comedy Courses

If you’ve ever wanted to learn stand-up comedy, but don’t have the time to hit the late night open mic nights, or undertake a stand-up comedy course, then an online course might be for you. Here’s a comprehensive list of online stand-up comedy courses to choose from:

Hard Knock Knocks Online Course

Price: AU$199.95 | Learn more

If you don’t have time to do the Hard Knock Knocks face-to-face stand-up comedy course, then this online course comes a close second. Comedy students who do enrol in the offline course, actually get complimentary access to this online course as well, since it is a replica, excluding the night 5 graduation performance in front of a live audience. The online course is hosted by Aussie comedy great, Greg Fleet, and includes everything from understanding your comedy style, through to joke structure, idea creation, confidence building, volume, tone, speed and pauses, and handling hecklers. There’s also opportunities to get feedback from an online comedian.

Perhaps the best part of this course is upon graduation, you get the cost of the online course off the face-to-face course.


Price: AU$180 per year subscription based | Learn more

MasterClass is part course, part voyeuristic experience, as you watch other comedy students get coached by Steve Martin, while also completing tasks of your own. Obviously, the course is US-centric – after all Martin is Hollywood celebrity, but the lessons learnt are practical for us Aussies too.

The Rik Roberts School of Laughs

Price: AU$140 (Silver), AU$344 (Gold) and $547 (Diamond) | Learn more

We’ve interviewed American Rik Roberts on the Hard Knock Knocks podcast before, so it was only fair to review his online comedy course. Rik’s course is available on three tiers based on the level of feedback you wish to receive. All levels include over 3 hours of online tutorials, a ninety page companion workbook, quizzes and bonus web resources.

Greg Dean’s Joke Writing Made Simple

Price: AU$103 | Learn more

This is a ten-part video series outlining the key stand-up techniques used for performing and writing. The course includes an ebook, which goes into the process of how the human mind creates false expectations, and then how it can be surprised by the unexpected. Understanding how humour works is the first step to knowing what you’re doing.

Chuck Roy’s Comedy 101

Price: AU$295 – $586 (US$200 – $400) | Learn more

Chuck Roy has three courses – one focusing on public speaking, another on MCing a comedy night, and the third dealing with hecklers. His most impressive claim is that you ‘can learn how to be funny in 10 seconds or less’ – which we think means that you can make someone laugh within 10 seconds of meeting them, and not that you can learn how to be funny in 10 seconds.

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