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Open Mic Comedy Rooms in Melbourne

Open mic comedy rooms in Melbourne have returned. However, not all rooms are ‘open mic’. Many are curated, meaning you need to have your name ‘on the bill’ before getting up. So reach out (probably via Facebook) before popping down to the following comedy rooms. Sadly, The Rubber Chicken comedy pub, which ran two true open mic nights has been closed by their landlord until further notice.

(Updated July 19, 2024)







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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering whether I can perform stand up at Club Volataire on Friday night this week? I am up from Townsville, how long can the sets last?

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      G’day Danny,
      We don’t manage the rooms – we just keep this list up to date. Best for you to contact Voltaire directly.

      But, and there’s a huge BUT, the comedy festival has just begun, which means all the open mic rooms are busy with shows.

      Check out the comedy festival website for shows to see while you’re in town:

      1. I see all the comments are fairly old here. It’s currently April 2022. Can someone please let me know if the above listed open mic venue details are current?

        Thanks heaps….

  2. Hi Gentleman
    I was do open mic at Yarraville on Sunday l am so lucky the audience laugh whole time on my performance what a support. And the MC ask if l can come back next Sunday to do again! I can’t believe it, what a amazing time. Thank you for helping me, appreciate that.

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  3. HEY hi how are ya, My names Nicholas, I’m 16 and I would like to perform at your comedy club. Just give me a shot coach I WONT LET YOU DOWN. At lest email me with a reply whether it be a no or a yes so when I become famous I can be like hey SHKK… fuck you.

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  4. Top of the day
    I am interested in performing as a stand up comedian.
    Have done open mic nite at the Dancing dog circa 5 times until its closing date of recent past.
    Was wondering if anyone could provide me with recent list of nite clubs that have an open mic nite
    Cheers Alfie

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  5. Hi. How can I please put a call out to the amateur comedians of Melbourne to see if anyone is interested in a 15 minute gig for a private party on Saturday 23rd of November?

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  7. Hi. I am trying to organise for my father in law ‘Papa’ to take part in an open Mic Night! All his life people have told Papa he should be a stand up comedian – guess that would happen quite often but he seriously does have a gift. He is such a character and if you want a rough idea what he looks like just picture Frank Zappa straight out of the 60’s but a little more grey in his hair. How am I able to organise something for him? He is quite the procrastinator and is at loose ends in his life yet still has so much to achieve at 62 years of age. I live in Palm Beach Gold Coast but he lives in Belgrave in the Hills, but my husband and I would certainly fly down for the experience. Really unsure where to start with this. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks…. any advice would be great.

  8. I see all the comments are fairly old here. It’s currently April 2022. Can someone please let me know if the above listed open mic venue details are current?

    Thanks heaps….

    1. Yes, as up to date as possible. Currently the Melbourne International Comedy Festival has caused the postponement of most of these open mic and curated rooms though.

  9. Yeah soooooo my cousin back in Ohio did a stand-up show (his first time) and posted it on the youtube. It was absolute crappy frappy yappy so instead of criticizing him I made a pledge to get the guts up to do my own impromptu onstage show on my birthday August 26th if possible? I’ve been wanting to try it for years and have even had a few professional comedians tell me that I am funny so now i’m finally am stepping up and biting the bullet so what do I do next here in Melbourne to make that happen?

  10. I would like to start an open mic night at the Hotel I manage in Elwood Victoria, could you please let me know what kind of costs are involved and whom I could speak to?

    1. Hi Ben,
      There is an open mic at the Elwood Lounge already. They run it once a month on Fridays. Maybe pop in and see if there’s some synergy that you can leverage.

  11. Hello! My name is Varun. I am here on a student visa, but I used to perform standup back in India. I would love to start hitting mics again, and was wondering where would be a good place to start, as I’m new here. It would be really helpful if I could get some initial help on the process to get on a lineup and stuff. I hope to hear from you guys 🙂

    1. Hi Varun,
      Choose any of these rooms and introduce yourself to the room runner. If they see you supporting their room, then they will likely give you a chance.
      Alternatively, if you’re looking to join a community of comedians, then join the next Hard Knock Knocks comedy school course in Melbourne.

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