010: Evan Hocking – The leap of faith in going full time

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Eighteen months ago Australian comedian Evan Hocking became a full time comedian. Leaving a permanent job Evan “packed the job in” and took the biggest leap of faith a comedian can make in his or her early years. Since then he hasn’t looked back, performing solo shows at the 2016 and 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, with ‘Evan is a Place on Earth‘ and ‘The Morning After’, respectively.

But it’s not all pizzazz. If you’re a budding stand-up comedian, just starting out, this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast interview with comedian Evan Hocking is great, because you’ll learn about the early challenges and stresses facing new comedians. You’ll also get an understanding of the level of commitment to self promotion and marketing that is needed to be noticed in a very busy market. Evan Hocking is extremely honest and transparent, so I think you’ll enjoy this interview.

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