014: Dane Simpson – Yarns by the fire bucket to being ‘Deadly Funny’

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Hard Knock Knocks Comedy School
Hard Knock Knocks Comedy School
014: Dane Simpson - Yarns by the fire bucket to being 'Deadly Funny'

This is the yarn of Australian comedian Dane Simpson. Some people seek greatness, other’s have greatness thrust upon them – on a stage in Narrabri, New South Wales. One moment Dane was a DJ. The next, a supporting act for veteran comedian Kevin Kropinyeri, and a short time later the ‘Deadly Funny’ NSW winner. Dane’s success on the comedy circuit has been swift, which highlights this man’s raw talent.

In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode we talk about Dane Simpson’s family and Aboriginal influences, touring Australia, and making popular Youtube videos with his mates and partner, that have helped boost his stand-up career.

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