016: Dave O’Neil – From Captain Cocoa to Captaining Aussie Comedy

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Chances are you’ve laughed at an Australian comedian Dave O’Neil jokes. This is because not only is he a seasoned stand-up comedian, but dave’s been writing for Australian TV comedy shows since 1994 – television shows such as Jimeoin, The Eric Bana Show Live, Full Frontal, Totally Full Frontal, The Mick Molloy Show, The Micallef Program, and most recently Open Slather and You’re Skitting Me. Thank god his band broke up and he lost his job – the prelude to his comedy career – or Australian comedy wouldn’t be as funny.

In this Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode, host Morry Morgan interviews comedian Dave O’Neil and uncovers why Dave hates being a morning person, but loves looking like a lesbian, and how his shtick has moved from ‘slacker’ to ‘suburban dad’. The two also delve deep into Dave’s early years as a comedian, comedy rooms and sports clubs, and how he’s managed to remain so relevant over his entire comedy career.

And as a side note, later we interviewed Dave again regarding the release of his TV show pilot, ‘Dave’. Click here to listen to that follow up episode, where Dave talks about how he was able to produce a high quality show with household name comedians, and why his wife and kids didn’t play his wife and kids – even though he played himself.

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