018: Steve Hughes – The Arduous Journey of Stand-up Comedy

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Hard Knock Knocks Comedy School
Hard Knock Knocks Comedy School
018: Steve Hughes - The Arduous Journey of Stand-up Comedy

It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock ‘n roll. Comedy’s just as arduous. Coincidentally, Australian comedian Steve Hughes has done both. Starting out as a drummer for extreme metal band, Slaughter Lord in Sydney, Hughes became obsessed with faster and faster metal, before getting interested in comedy and performing stand-up between band tours. Eventually, being font of stage, rather than at the rear, dominated his life, and the ‘Steve Hughes Comedian’ that we know today was born.

In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode we go deep, and talk about death metal, political comedy, commercial and feminist agendas, political correctness, and social justice warriors. We also talk about Steve’s own battle with depression and mental health, as well as drug use – both legal and prescribed. If you’re just starting out in your comedy career this is a cautionary tale. Comedy’s not all TV specials and bowls of blue-only M&Ms in the Green Room. This is comedy in the raw.

And if you’re enjoying these podcasts, and would like to become part of a comedy community, we’ve launched our School of Hard Knock Knocks Community group on Facebook. It’s absolutely free to join and full of advice.

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