020: George Kapiniaris – From Stereotypes to Stage Shows and Changing Aussie Culture

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If you lived in Australia during the late eighties and early nineties, then no doubt you know Australian comedian George Kapiniaris. An actor by training, George, or Kappa or G-Kap, as he is known around the block, first played the serious part of ‘DJ’ in The Flying Doctors before creating the comically slapstick character Memo in the stage show, ‘Wogs out of Work’, and later TV show, ‘Acropolis Now’.

In this Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode, comedian George Kapiniaris and host Morry Morgan discuss stereotypes, playing characters from the underworld, rules of comedy, and his upcoming tour, Straight Outta Compo. He also sheds light on the term ‘Skip’ and how he flipped bigotry on its head, making this word part of the Aussie lexicon.

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