028: Sonia Di Iorio – Jumping into the deep-end of comedy

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028: Sonia Di Iorio - Jumping into the deep-end of comedy

Sometimes the best way to try something new is to jump into the metaphorical deep-end. That was the case for Sonia Di Iorio, who decided her entry into stand-up comedy should be at Raw Comedy in 2009. Unfortunately, she forgot the jokes. Eight years on, Sonia has performed solo shows at the Melbourne Fringe Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF), and has appeared in a number of TV comedy shows.

In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode, we discuss introverts, being single, and bad habits of comedy. We also discuss Sonia’s upcoming gigs at this year’s Melbourne Fringe and her musical show that she hopes to launch at Perth Fringe and MICF 2018 – fully dressed I should add.

And if you’re enjoying these podcasts, and would like to become part of a comedy community, we’ve launched our School of Hard Knock Knocks Podcast Community group on Facebook. It’s absolutely free to join and full of advice.

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