053: Gavin Sempel – The hard road to Raw Comedy

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Australian comedian Gavin Sempel is one of the hardest working new comedians in Australia. At the age of 18, in March 2016, Gavin began his stand-up comedy career by enrolling in the very first Hard Knock Knocks course. Two years later, almost to this day, he’s done close to 300 open mic, curated, and paid gigs all around Australia. Last year, he performed his first Melbourne International Comedy Show, and in 2019, he’s doing it again, with his show titled ‘Plain and Sempel‘. But perhaps most impressive of all, is in 2018 Gavin won the Victorian state final for Raw Comedy – securing a spot in the Raw Comedy National Final and coming Runner Up! And since that achievement, he’s also gone on to perform at Australia’s Got Talent.

This is an underdog story. And Gavin’s performance as the headliner at the Hard Knock Knocks’ March graduation in 2018, alongside his two very first comedy mentors – Brad Oakes and Ben Horowitz – makes it all the more remarkable. The grasshopper has become the master.

If you’re starting out in comedy, and want a career path mapped out for you, then this interview with comedian Gavin Sempel is the Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode for you.

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