054: Cameron James – Building a comedy brand with your own hands

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Sometimes anonymity can give you the courage to try something scary. That was the case for Cameron James, the Newcastle born comedian whose first open mic was at Comedy on Edge in Sydney, where he knew no one – intentionally.

Today, Cameron is well known, having made the national final of Raw Comedy, performed all over Australia, and has representation. This year he’s performing at his show, Chilled Out/Fired Up at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

In this interview, we talk about Cameron’s comedy birth, getting acting spots on telly, building his personal brand through investing in his own social media content, and the popularity of podcasting for comedians.

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  1. I just watched Cameron James in tv tonight 11th Oct and his last act about the noisy tube got me looking it up, since my son was watching with me and thought it was funny..I found it!


    The entire show was great so interactive
    Thank you!

    1. G’day Tamara, I hope you get a few bucks from Amazon’s affiliation link!
      We can’t take any credit for Cameron James being on your TV tonight, though. He’s a very funny comedian regardless of attribution and groan tubes.

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