059: David Tulk – ‘No Filter’ but still lovable

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Comedian David Tulk has been performing stand-up comedy for the past 15 years, and today he’s a regular feature at comedy rooms around Australia. A straight talker, Tulk’s rough edges are emphasised by the titles of his productions, namely his upcoming stand-up show ‘David Tulk has No Filter‘ and his YouTube video series, “Some People Are Just Arseholes.

In this Hard Knock Knocks podcast interview you’ll hear how comedian David Tulk got started, how being lumpy has helped his comedy career, both on stage and screen, how he weaved ‘zen’ into a joke, as well as his own ‘Pay It Forward Joke’ word – fountain pen.

One quick warning, there’s a load of satire in this interview! So have your pinch of salt ready.

David Tulk has been a guest comedian at the Hard Knock Knocks stand-up comedy course. If you’re interested in trying stand-up comedy the be sure to follow us on social media. Courses run monthly in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, from Sunday to Thursday, 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Students’ age ranges from 18 to 65, and upon graduation all students have the opportunity to perform at the Adelaide Fringe or Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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