062: Nadine Sparks – From improv to stand-up comedy

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Nadine Sparks loves learning comedy. At aged 12 she began learning improvisation comedy, including a course at 18 at the highly respected NIDA, then performing with Improv Conspiracy, before travelling to the US to learn the Chicago method. And then seven years ago Nadine Sparks did a stand-up comedy course, and this resulted in her first five-minute performance at the Exford Hotel. Since then she’s performed for five seasons at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, as well as other festivals around Australia.

In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast Nadine Sparks takes us deep into the world of Improv, or impro, where you’ll learn about the ‘Harold’ structure in long form improvisation theatre, her new gang The Tickle Pit, how a dose of improv can help build confidence for stand-up comedians, and the pros and cons of swearing.

And if this podcast whets your appetite to give stand-up comedy a crack, then be sure to follow the School of Hard Knock Knocks on social media, or reach out to our team via our contact form or phone number. Courses are run in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney months. And our courses are coached by some of Australia’s funniest comedians. Previous comedians have included Jeff Green, Steve Hughes, Matt Okine, Glynn Nicholas and Mickey D. All courses are also supported with our online course prior to face-to-face classes. What’s more, graduates of the School of Hard Knock Knocks have the opportunity to perform at the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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