079: Julia Clarke – From Adelaide Raw to Edinburgh Fringe

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Australian comedian Julia Clarke has achieved much in first nine years of stand-up comedy. A two time winner of South Australia Raw Comedy, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival performer, Julia is also one of the nicest stand-up comedians on the Adelaide comedy scene.

In this Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode, comedian Julia Clarke and host Morry Morgan discuss getting in trouble with the cops, burning celluloid, and advice for up and coming comedians particularly if they want to win Raw Comedy.

If you’d like to know more about entering (and possibly winning) Raw Comedy, click here. The Hard Knock Knocks has had a number of Raw Comedy State Finalists and even a Runner Up at the National Grand Final in 2017.

And if you’d like to join a community of comedy lovers we welcome you at the Hard Knock Knocks Community on Facebook. The Hard Knock Knocks runs monthly stand-up comedy courses in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney with celebrity stand-up comedians, and the opportunity to be paid to perform at the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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