093: Daniel Muggleton – Comedy during Covid and Three Stripes

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Comedian Daniel Muggleton is known for the three stripe Adidas tracksuit and big moustache. For the past two years Daniel has been based in the UK and, no-thanks to Covid-19, he’s back in Australia.

In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode host Steve Davis and Daniel Muggleton, also known as Muggo to his Aussie mates, talk about stereotypes, the importance of setting the scene, the UK comedy circuit, touring with comedian Steve Hofstetter and the ‘Nowhere Comedy Club‘ – an online comedy platform that doesn’t suck. They also talk about Daniel’s special ‘Three Stripes’ and not being afraid of publishing your comedy online.

And one quick warning, Daniel’s quite liberal with the ‘f’ and ‘c’ word, so send the kids to the park.

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