001: Ben Horowitz – From punches to punchlines

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Australian comedian Ben Horowitz is a retired professional boxer. Never heard of him? That’s because he didn’t win many…and possibly the reason why he’s now a stand-up comedian. Ben is also one half of the Hard Knock Knocks stand-up comedy school. In this podcast interview, comedian Ben Horowitz talks to his fellow co-founder Morry Morgan and shares the ups and down of stand-up comedy, where he gets his inspiration, and why he lived in Bentleigh.

The Hard Knock Knocks runs stand-up comedy courses in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney with celebrity guest comedians, including Greg Fleet, Matt Okine, Dave O’Neil and Steve Hughes, amongst other great names. If you’ve always wanted to try stand-up comedy or would like to polish your act ahead of a Raw Comedy heat, be sure to sign up to one of our upcoming courses.

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