School of Hard Knock Knocks graduates

Stand-up School Sends 27 to Raw

Australia runs one of the largest amateur stand-up comedy competitions in the world; Raw Comedy. But don’t be fooled by the name. While the heat’s comic quality can be hit-or-miss, the grand final at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is world class. And competition is fierce!

This is what 27 graduates of the Hard Knock Knocks have volunteered for. These budding comedians, from Adelaide, Albury, Brisbane, Geelong, Melbourne, and Sydney, each performed their best ‘tight 5’ to a paying audience, and a panel of judges. Their goal was simple – to make it to the Melbourne Town Hall’s Grand Final!

How many compete at Raw Comedy?

In 2018, Australia’s largest joke-off attracted 1068 people competing in 63 heats, semis, and finals. Eighteen of that number were Hard Knock Knocks graduates, with one grad making it all the way to the Grand Final. Entrants had two caveats – that they hadn’t earned more than $500 via stand-up comedy, and had entered less than twice before – and after three months from the first joke to the final punchline, the eventual winner was announced as Sydney-based, Bec Melrose.

How do I compete at Raw Comedy?

Whether you’re a punter or a performer, Raw Comedy is an awesome event, and one one worth supporting. And if you have the confidence to compete, then click here.

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