Dark Comedy

Australia’s Top 5 Dark Comedians

Australia is home to some stellar dark comedians. Before we get into our top five however, let’s answer the question, “What is dark comedy?” As a somewhat controversial topic, it is often misunderstood. What is dark comedy? Mental health struggles, addiction, divorce, death, you name it. If’s clearly not reminding you of rainbows and unicorns, then it’s most likely ‘dark’. …

Comedian Katie Burch

100: Katie Burch – Avoiding the waffle and being cruel

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Comedian Katie Burch didn’t want to work at NASA or work towards world peace. She wanted to be a comedian, and a dark comedian at that. In this 100th episode of the School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast, host Steve Davis chats with former National RAW Comedy Finalist Katie Burch about what it takes to be a successful comedian, her …