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Comedian Focus: Greg Fleet

How well do you know comedian Greg Fleet? Well, firstly did you know that he’s American?! Yup. ‘Fleety’, as his mates call him, was born in the United States, but he moved to Australia with his family when he was young. He also killed Daphne. Playing the character of Dave Summers on Neighbours in 1988, Fleety’s character ran Daphne Clarke …

086: Lee Ton – Where are you from from?

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What does it take to create a one-man comedy show? In this podcast episode, graduate of the School of Hard Knock Knocks, Lee Ton, shares how he harnessed peer group pressure and advice from successful comedians to take the plunge, with his up coming Melbourne Fringe show, “Where are you from from?”. Host Steve Davis also peppers Lee with questions …

Greg Fleet Comedian

019: Greg Fleet – The Accidental Comedian

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Comedian Greg Fleet is Australia’s bad boy of comedy. On stage and off, ‘Fleety’ has made a name for himself for pushing the boundaries and living life to its fullest. TV, movies, theatre, breakfast radio, and twenty-nine Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows later, it’s hard to imagine how Greg had time for his now infamous drug addiction. But he did, …