Alex Keen Comedian

Open Mic Comedy Rooms in Melbourne

Open mic comedy rooms in Melbourne have returned. However, not all rooms are ‘open mic’. Many are curated, meaning you need to have your name ‘on the bill’ before getting up. So reach out (probably via Facebook) before popping down to the following comedy rooms. (Updated February 13, 2023) MONDAYS TUESDAYS WEDNESDAYS THURSDAYS FRIDAYS SATURDAYS SUNDAYS

Marshall Mullen Comedian

The Open Mic Comedy Rooms List – Sydney

(Updated 19 September, 2022) Practice is essential to a stand-up comedy career. Sure, the Hard Knock Knocks stand-up comedy course will allow you to hit the ground running, but even we acknowledge that it’s still no substitute for getting up on stage, trialling your material, and bombing – often. Here’s a regularly updated list of open mic comedy rooms in …

Kim Le Comedian

The Open Mic Comedy Rooms List – Adelaide

The Covid Crisis is over for South Australia, but sadly not all the open mic comedy rooms in Adelaide have reopened. Here’s the latest updated Adelaide open mic comedy nights as of October 30, 2020. If you know of other open mic comedy rooms in Adelaide, or can recommend an update, please contact us. MONDAYS Nothing TUESDAYS Cranker Comedy, Crown …

070: Kim Le – Complex cognitive comedy

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 Adelaide comedian Kim Le is one of those annoying high achievers. A qualified psychiatrist, Kim is also a blackbelt, speaks multiple languages, is an awarded keynote speaker, and now he’s excelling in stand-up comedy. He’s also a graduate of the School of Hard Knock Knocks and was the middle bracket at the most recent Adelaide graduation, alongside Glynn Nicholas …

057: Paul Sharplin – Jumping in the deep end of comedy

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Paul Sharplin has only been in the comedy game for 15 months. But that hasn’t stopped him from competing at Raw Comedy twice, and running a comedy room – Guerilla, in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn. But as you’ll learn from this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast interview, Paul just likes to jump in head first. Newcomers to comedy …

051: Adam Jacobs – The best daze of his life and more

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Adam Jacobs has popped the cherry of quite a few first time stand-up comedians. You see he runs an open mic night at Highlander Bar, in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, and has helped hundreds of newbie comedians kick-start their comedy career. He’s also an accomplished comedian, and in this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode, we talk about his …