Charles Firth of The Chaser

096: Charles Firth – Exposing truths and undermining power structures with satire

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Six and a half million people a month consume The Chaser’s content. That’s some seriously sought-after satire! In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode, host and fanboy, Steve Davis, chats with Charles Firth of The Chaser, about creating headlines and the editorial process, adopting your enemy’s voice, and how AI is developing a ‘sense’ of humour. If you …

091: Scott Dikkers – Pointing out stupidity with The Onion

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“When you’ve got someone laughing, you’ve got them agreeing with you, whether they know it or not.” So says The Onion‘s Scott Dikkers, founder of quite possibly the world’s most famous satirical publication. In this Hard Knock Knocks podcast, host Steve Davis chats with The Onion’s Scott Dikkers, about the serendipity of cheap paper, comforting the afflicted and afflicting the …