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Online to Offline: Why social media influencers need stand-up comedy

Across all of his social media platforms Australian comedian Reuben Solo has over 800,000 followers. His Instagram sits at 235,000 followers, YouTube at 19,000 subscribers and over 560,000 followers on TikTok. He chooses not to be on Facebook. He’s Gen Z after all. Reuben has attracted this enormous following by filming skits, where he often plays all the characters. To …

Lewis Spears Comedian

097: Lewis Spears – The consummate professional behind the ‘Spears’ brand

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By dying, Prince Phillip helped sell out comedian Lewis Spears’ last week of his Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) show. Morbid, yes. But also, totally on brand. And totally orchestrated. Yes, mainstream media, like the Daily Mail who called Spears a monster, was played by this true professional. In this Hard Knock Knocks podcast interview, host Steve Davis delves deep …

076: Gabe Hogan – Raw comedy, radio and cliques

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Comedian Gabe Hogan has been a Raw Comedy state finalists twice. She’s also built a solid comedy career that has extended into commercial radio. In this Hard Knock Knocks podcast interview, Gabe talks about that initial comedic journey, advice for Raw Comedy competitors, and the importance and dangers of comedy cliques. If you’re curious about how to start a stand-up …