Terms & Conditions

Photo and Video: The Hard Knock Knocks reserves (SHKK Pty Ltd) the right to take video and photo during the course and use this footage on our website and marketing materials. Video and photographs are the sole property of the Hard Knock Knocks, and can be requested by students at no cost.

Final Performance: The Hard Knock Knocks reserves the right to charge entry to the final graduation and performance.

HD video of Performance: All graduating Hard Knock Knocks students will receive a high definition digital copy of their final performance. Only students who complete the final five-minute set on the Thursday in front of live, paid audience will be eligible for graduation.

Flexible re-booking: If you’ve booked a course, but can’t make it, then simply notify the Hard Knock Knocks and we’ll move your course to a later date. This is also the case if you book a ticket for a friend or family member, say, for a birthday gift. Please be aware that we don't honour tickets that you may have sold to a third party.