What's the funniest pun?

What’s the funniest pun?

“Why should you take an extra pair of socks when you go golfing?” “In case they get a hole in one!”

A pun can lighten the moment. But used too often, you can become annoying. Mind you, that hasn’t stopped an endless supply of books being written on the subject. Often referred to as ‘dad jokes’, puns are so engrained in the English language that it has even spawned the UK Pun Championships. In case you’re curious, last year’s winner was Richard Pulsford who included this little gem in his repertoire:

“My old Looney Tunes app still has Bugs in it.”

Some comedians have also made a living out of puns. Possibly one of the masters of the pun is American comedian Steven Wright. You might know him from this little beauty, “I spilled spot remover on my dog. Now he’s gone.” Nice.

For those still confused as to what exactly a pun joke entails, put simply it’s all about the double meaning of a word. For example, in Pulsford’s joke he’s combining the plural of a computer ‘bug’ and the cartoon character ‘Bugs’ Bunny. Boom. Boom

With respect to Steven Wright’s joke about his dog, well, to get that you need to know that ‘Spot’ is a common canine name. So yeah, a strong grasp of English is important.

Now with all that said, let’s find out which pun jokes are the funniest out of the following list. Vote for your favourite pun below:

But if you’re no fan of the jokes above, be sure to share your own pun joke below in the comments.

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