071: Michel Connell – The intellectual’s comedian

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You can’t say a bad thing about Australian comedian Michael Connell. He’s quite possibly the nicest guy in stand-up comedy, if not the world. He’s also got an incredible intellect, and he juggles, which makes him a formidable comedian.

In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode comedian Michael Connell talks about his achievements in Class Clowns, Australia’s Got Talent, and Green Faces. We also talk about his passion for philosophy, remembering sets, moving to Brisbane and entertaining sick kids as a clown doctor.

Michael Connell has also been a guest comedy coach at the School of Hard Knock Knocks, helping newbie stand-up comedians find their footing, improve their joke structure, and develop confidence on stage. If you’re interested in kick starting your stand-up comedy career, be sure to follow the School of Hard Knock Knocks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Courses are run monthly in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Courses typically sell out, so be sure to book your spot ahead of time. Or alternatively, join our online course which is narrated by the legendary stand-up comedian, Greg Fleet, and includes activities, videos and feedback on your jokes! Learn stand-up comedy on your phone, tablet, or PC – anywhere, anytime.

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