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Open Mic Comedy Rooms in Melbourne

Open mic comedy rooms in Melbourne have returned. However, not all rooms are ‘open mic’. Many are curated, meaning you need to have your name ‘on the bill’ before getting up. So reach out (probably via Facebook) before popping down to the following comedy rooms. (Updated February 13, 2023) MONDAYS TUESDAYS WEDNESDAYS THURSDAYS FRIDAYS SATURDAYS SUNDAYS

Three Top Comedy Venues in Melbourne

Top 3 stand-up comedy clubs in Melbourne

Melbourne is undoubtedly the comedy capital of Australia. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival generates in excess $17 million Aussie dollarydoos, and more people watch a stand-up comedy show during the festival than attend the AFL Grand Final series. With those numbers, it’s surprising that there’s only three dedicated comedy clubs in Melbourne. But conveniently, they are located north, central and …

The Rubber Chicken - stand-up comedy and live music venue in South Melbourne

Comedy school builds comedy hub in South Melbourne

There’s a new stand-up comedy venue in Melbourne, and it’s ‘south of the river’! It’s the ‘The Rubber Chicken‘, and it aims to be Australia’s first comedy hub. Those familiar with Melbourne’s comedy scene will recognise the names of comedy disruptor, Morry Morgan. Since 2016, the Morry has been helping build Melbourne’s stand-up comedy industry, first with his stand-up comedy …

Graduate Highlight: Daniel Tohill

Each week the School of Hard Knock Knocks highlights one of our recent graduates from our Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney courses. This week, it’s Daniel Tohill from Melbourne. Daniel Tohill attended the November 2020 stand-up comedy course in Melbourne with guest comedian Anthony ‘Lehmo’ Lehmann and resident comedy coach, Brad Oakes. This was the last graduation for 2020, and one …

Ian McFadyen - Australian Sketch Comedy Legend

095: Ian McFadyen – Creating an Australian sketch comedy national treasure

Morry Morgan Leave a Comment

In 1988 The Comedy Company changed the face of Australian sketch comedy. Kylie Mole, Uncle Arthur, Con the Fruiterer, and Colin Carpenter became part of the Australian lexicon. So too their creators – Mary-Anne Faye, Glenn Robbins, Mark Mitchell and Kym Gyngell, as well as Russell Gilbert, Tim Smith and, the group’s founder, Ian McFadyen. You know them as comedy …

Andy High Comedian

Graduate Highlight – Andy High

Each week the School of Hard Knock Knocks highlights one of our recent graduates from our Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney courses. This week, it’s the hilarious Andy High. Andy High, who likes to go by the name ‘Andy the Pom’ attended the January 2020 stand-up comedy course in Melbourne, with guest comedian Gerry Masi. Graduates of the School of Hard …

School of Hard Knock Knocks graduates

Meet the Aussie comedy company that pays its customers

It should be a joke, but it’s so successful. One Aussie company, the School of Hard Knock Knocks, has turned the traditional business model of suppliers being paid by customers on its head. Instead they pay their customers! So what is their business? They teach stand-up comedy. The business model flip isn’t a marketing fad either. The school was established …

Jeff Green Comedian

Jeff Green – Building a comedy career, twice!

Listen to the audio interview of British comedian Jeff Green by clicking here. Morry Morgan: Jeff Green. Thank you very much for your time today. Jeff Green: Hello Morry. Well, we know each other anyway, because I’ve done some mentoring for some of your School of Hard Knock Knock participants and have done a couple of your gigs and I’ve …