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Comedy school gets three into Raw Comedy finals

Three alumni of the Hard Knock Knocks comedy school have beaten close to a thousand amateur comedians to compete in the National Raw Comedy final at the Melbourne Town Hall on April 14, 2024. The three were chosen alongside nine others selected from all of Australia’s States and Territories, making up the final 12.

What’s incredible is the speed at which these three Hard Knock Knocks graduates have risen to the top. Cameron Muratore graduated from the comedy school in October 2022, Nathan Chin in November 2022, and Stella Wu reached the pinnacle of Australian amateur stand-up comedy in just ten months, graduating in May 2023. The three performed in front of a sold out town hall, which was hosted by Triple J Breakfast Host, Concetta Caristo, and while they didn’t win, the event will surely further accelerate their comedy careers.

The Hard Knock Knocks comedy school, now in its ninth year has a remarkable success rate. Cameron, Nathan and Stella join three other graduates of the Hard Knock Knocks comedy school to reach the Raw Comedy national finals making some nickname the Hard Knock Knocks as the ‘Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)’ of comedy. Here are the other champs:

Gavin Sempel

Gavin Sempel stands as a testament to the transformative power of Hard Knock Knocks. At only 17 years old, Gavin attended the inaugural Hard Knock Knocks comedy course in 2016. Two years later in 2018, he won the Victoria Raw Comedy heat to make it into the national Raw Comedy finale. While he didn’t win, this initial TV appearance gave him access to perform on Australia’s Got Talent and Deadly Funny.

Chetan Singh (aka Delhi Buoy)

Following in Gavin’s footsteps, Chetan Singh, known by his stage name Delhi Buoy, emerged as another shining star of the Hard Knock Knocks alumni. Indian born, and growing up in Adelaide, Singh kickstarted his comedic skills through the school’s comprehensive program, clinching the title in the South Australian state final in 2022. His razor-sharp wit and cultural commentary resonated with audiences, propelling him to the Raw Comedy national final and solidifying his status as a comedic force.

Ginny Hollands

The success stories don’t end there. Ginny Hollands, a standout talent from Victoria, made waves in 2023 when she secured a spot in the Raw Comedy state final. Ginny’s exceptional performance earned her a wild card entry into the National Final, further highlighting the caliber of comedians produced by Hard Knock Knocks.

The Hard Knock Knocks comedy school runs comedy courses each month in Melbourne, and now, without a doubt, this comedy school has proven to be one of the most effective ways to launch your comedy career.

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