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098: Wayne Deakin – Overcoming the wilful ignorance in comedy

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When you start out in comedy, you’re looking for stuff that is funny. When you get good, you find stuff you want to talk about, and make that funny. So says comedian Wayne Deakin. Wayne is a 20 plus year veteran of stand-up comedy, and has performed in London, New York, Las Vegas, Montreal, and all over Australia. He’s also …

067: Gerry Masi – Character comedy with Mad Dog Malcolm

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A wig, flairs, and a fake moustache, and Mad Dog Malcolm Cummings was born. The creation of Australian comedian, Gerry Masi, Mad Dog is part crooner, part playboy, with a light splattering of sleaze. Together, he’s a hilarious 1970s character, that is all too familiar. In this Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode, host Morry Morgan talks to comedian Gerry Masi …

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How to deal with a heckler

Parking inspectors and comedians have one thing in common – abuse from the general public. No matter how good your jokes, no matter how many friends you have in the audience, one day you will have to deal with a heckler. Hecklers fall into two categories – they criticise your joke, or they get personal, and criticise you. But be …