MICF Review – Phil Wang – Kinabalu

Few comedians could successfully weave the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, and male feminism into a hilarious joke. But that’s no problem for ‘Old Wang’. The Malaysian born Brit, who also refers to himself in multiple first persons, aka White Wang, Horny Wang, and Young Wang, takes the audience on a audible slide-night of his life, from his kungfu father and archaeologist mother’s unusual courting process, moving to the UK, being both white and Asian (but not Asian enough), and dating. Woven throughout his personal journey is a subtle B-story that includes the patriotism, racism, and China’s expansion.

Sounds serious?! But Teacher Wang also slips in the appropriate number of fart jokes, and call backs, that make you giggle like a school kid, as you learn about current geopolitics and the British Empire. “Have you ever farted so bad that you’ve lost a bar of WiFi?”. If the answer is ‘hell yeah!’ then you’ll enjoy Phil Wang’s show, Kinabalu.

WHEN: March 29 to April 22, excluding Mondays.
WHERE: Melbourne Town Hall.
PRICE: $26 – $33

Review by Morry Morgan

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