033: Cam Barber – Improving better presenters with comedy

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033: Cam Barber - Improving better presenters with comedy

Not all students of the School of Hard Knock Knocks plan to become a professional stand-up comedian. Some do it to improve their business presentation and keynote skills, which is the reason for this interview.

Cam Barber is not a comedian – although he has done a stand-up course. Rather, he’s an 18 year veteran of professional presentation coaching, who has helped the likes of the Hawthorn Football Club, the CEO of Boost Juice, Janine Allis, Andrew Denton, and many other senior Australian public figures. In this interview, we discuss the challenges that face both public speakers and comedians, namely anxiety and being oneself, as outlined in Cam’s book ‘What’s Your Message?‘. We also shed light on the term ‘ethnomethodology’ and how it could be the new buzz word in comedy!

If you give regular presentations in your day job, or suffer from anxiety as a comedian, you’ll love this interview. And if you’d like to learn more from Cam, be sure to listen to his ‘What’s Your Message?‘ podcast.

And if you’re enjoying these podcasts, and would like to become part of a comedy community, we’ve launched our School of Hard Knock Knocks Podcast Community group on Facebook. It’s absolutely free to join and full of advice.

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