040: Ben Horowitz – Looking back on 2017

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What a year we’ve had at the School of Hard Knock Knocks. In this episode, Ben Horowitz and Morry Morgan talk about the year that was, the celebrity guest comedians who taught our stand-up comedy courses across Australia,  the personalities that emerged from our comedy graduates, as well as the upcoming opportunity for our “Best” graduates to perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this April, 2018.

And, as is the new tradition, you’ll hear a short snippet of stand-up comedy at the beginning of this interview, which happens to be from my mate, business partner, and co-founder of the School of Hard Knock Knocks, Mr. Ben Horowitz.

And if you’re enjoying these podcasts, and would like to become part of a comedy community, we’ve launched our School of Hard Knock Knocks Community group on Facebook. It’s absolutely free to join and full of advice.

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