052: Joe White – Developing an audience and giving back

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Australian comedian Joe White is the nice guy of stand-up comedy. Ethiopian born, Perth raised, Joe has quickly developed a loyal following, both in Australia and around the world, due to his great habits of giving before receiving, and customising his comedy sets to his specific audience.

In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode, you’ll hear how Joe got started in comedy, how he’s built up his Instagram followers to over (twelve and a half thousand) 12.5 thousand, and the charities that he’s supported around the world.

And as a side note, comedian Joe White is also a guest comedian coach on the School of Hard Knock Knocks show, ‘Is This Thing On?’ – a comedy/drama that follows 10 newbie stand-up comedians as they get coached by 10 of Australia’s most iconic comedians.

And while I have you, here’s a reminder to get along to the School of Hard Knock Knocks Community group on Facebook, where we share free advice, tips and tricks, and help you kickstart your comedy career. And you don’t even have to be a graduate. It’s for everyone!

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