088: Marty Bright – Optimism and being easy to work with

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Australian comedian Marty Bright is an optimistic, childish ‘silly-billy’, which makes him a rarity in stand-up – often the domain of the serious cynic. He’s also one of the most well travelled Australian stand-up comedians we’ve interviewed.

In this Hard Knock Knocks podcast host Steve Davis probes Marty about performing at the Comedy Store in LA, the Comic Strip in New York, and even at a room as part of an all-African American comedian lineup. He may not be black, but he certainly has appeal.

Evidence of that appeal is the fact that comedian Marty Bright is now the Hard Knock Knocks’ resident comedy coach for our Sydney stand-up comedy courses, being assisted by other hilarious Sydney-based stand-up comedians including Matt Okine, Cam Knight and Julia Wilson. If you’re interested in trying stand-up comedy, or polishing your comedy act, then be sure to join our upcoming courses in either Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney. Courses are run monthly around the country, but if you can’t make it to one of these, check out our online course which you can access via your phone, tablet or PC.

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