076: Gabe Hogan – Raw comedy, radio and cliques

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Comedian Gabe Hogan has been a Raw Comedy state finalists twice. She’s also built a solid comedy career that has extended into commercial radio. In this Hard Knock Knocks podcast interview, Gabe talks about that initial comedic journey, advice for Raw Comedy competitors, and the importance and dangers of comedy cliques. If you’re curious about how to start a stand-up comedy career, then this is the podcast for you.

And on that topic, the Hard Knock Knocks has announced stand-up comedy courses for 2020 in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. If your new year’s resolution is to try stand-up, and you need a kick up the ass, then don’t miss out on getting coached by some of Australia’s best comedians. Matt Okine, Glynn Nicholas, and Dave O’Neil are our comedy coaches throughout January and February, so don’t miss out.

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