Ian McFadyen - Australian Sketch Comedy Legend

095: Ian McFadyen – Creating an Australian sketch comedy national treasure

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In 1988 The Comedy Company changed the face of Australian sketch comedy. Kylie Mole, Uncle Arthur, Con the Fruiterer, and Colin Carpenter became part of the Australian lexicon. So too their creators – Mary-Anne Faye, Glenn Robbins, Mark Mitchell and Kym Gyngell, as well as Russell Gilbert, Tim Smith and, the group’s founder, Ian McFadyen. You know them as comedy …

George Kapiniaris Comedian

Comedian George Kapiniaris – From Stereotypes to Stage Shows and Changing Aussie Culture

The audio interview of this transcript of comedian George Kapiniaris is available here. Morry: If you lived in Australia during the late 80s and early 90s, then no doubt you know comedian George Kapiniaris. An actor by training, George or Kappa or G Kap as he’s known around the block first played the serious part of DJ in The Flying …

016: Dave O’Neil – From Captain Cocoa to Captaining Aussie Comedy

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Chances are you’ve laughed at an Australian comedian Dave O’Neil jokes. This is because not only is he a seasoned stand-up comedian, but dave’s been writing for Australian TV comedy shows since 1994 – television shows such as Jimeoin, The Eric Bana Show Live, Full Frontal, Totally Full Frontal, The Mick Molloy Show, The Micallef Program, and most recently Open …