Comedian Damien Callinan

048: Damian Callinan – Espy zero to Wagga Wagga hero

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Comedian Damian Callinan is one of Australia’s most versatile performers. Actor, writer, director and comedian all rolled into one. As you’ll hear in this School of Hard Knock Knocks’ podcast, Damian’s journey to comedy began as dabbling in theatre, then dying at the Espy, competing at Raw Comedy, before jumping into the movies – including his most recent comedy movie, …

Greg Fleet Comedian

019: Greg Fleet – The Accidental Comedian

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Comedian Greg Fleet is Australia’s bad boy of comedy. On stage and off, ‘Fleety’ has made a name for himself for pushing the boundaries and living life to its fullest. TV, movies, theatre, breakfast radio, and twenty-nine Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows later, it’s hard to imagine how Greg had time for his now infamous drug addiction. But he did, …