Hard Knock Knocks Knocks Students

Australian comedians building the next generation

Some of the Australia’s funniest stand-up comedians coach the Hard Knock Knocks comedy courses around Australia. Actually, that’s not entirely true. We also have funny Brits (Jeff Green and Glynn Nicholas), Japanese (Mayumi Nobetsu) and did you know that Greg Fleet is actually an American?!

These hilarious comics provide advice, give feedback, and share their comedic journeys. They also perform alongside the students at the graduation – which is often the highlight of the five night course.

So who exactly are Australia’s funniest stand-up comedians who help develop the next generation of Aussie comedians? Take a look at this incredible lineup of, American, British, Japanese and of course Australian stand-up comedians, and take a listen to their interviews:

Christine Basil - Stand-up comedian

Christine Basil

Podcast interview

Marty Bright Comedian

Marty Bright

Podcast interview

Comedian Doug Chappel

Doug Chappel

Podcast interview

Jason Chong Comedian

Jason Chong

Podcast interview

Julia Clarke Comedian

Julia Clarke

Podcasts interview

Michael Connell Comedian

Michael Connell

Podcast interview

Comedian Greg Fleet

Greg Fleet

Podcast interview

Chris Franklin Comedian

Chris Franklin

Podcast interview

Jeff Green Comedian

Jeff Green

Podcast interview

Comedian Evan Hocking

Evan Hocking

Podcast interview

Ben Horowitz Comedian

Ben Horowitz

Podcast interview

Steve Hughes Comedian

Steve Hughes

Podcast interview

George Kapiniaris Comedian

George Kapiniaris

Podcast interview

Fady Kassab comedian

Fady Kassab

Podcast interview

Glynn Nicholas Comedian

Glynn Nicholas

Podcast interview

Gerry Masi Comedian

Gerry Masi

Podcast interview

The Nelson Twins comedians

Nelson Twins

Podcast interview

Comedian Mayumi Nobetsu

Mayumi Nobetsu

Podcast interview

Brad Oakes Comedian

Brad Oakes

Podcast interview

Comedian Matt Okine

Matt Okine

Podcast interview

Comedian Dave O'Neil

Dave O’Neil

Podcast interview

Comedian Nikki Osborne

Nikki Osborne

Podcast interview

Marc Ryan Comedian

Marc Ryan

Podcast interview

Comedian Dane Simpson

Dane Simpson

Podcast interview

Comedian Richard Stubbs

Richard Stubbs

Podcast interview

Comedian Ross Voss

Ross Voss

Podcast interview

Comedian Joe White

Joe White

Podcast interview

Julia Wilson comedian

Julia Wilson

Podcast interview

Not only can you be coached by Australia’s funniest stand-up comedians in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, but you’ve have opportunities to perform in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, under ‘The Best Of’ show.

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      Gavin Sempel is indeed an awesome stand-up comedian. He’s been a returning alumnus, but alas, not a guest comedy coach. But I have a feeling that could change in 2021.

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